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Call for Applications for writing workshop - Focus on Queer Narratives

Queer Chennai Chronicles (QCC) is glad to announce this call for applications from Queer identified individuals for a writing workshop. You don't have to necessarily have previous experience in writing. As an independent publishing platform QCC aims to bring diverse individual narratives  of queer lives. As queer individuals we also understand that access to queer centric and queer friendly workshops are a rarity. To overcome the shortcomings we are starting with the first edition of our writing workshop to encourage LGBTQI identified individuals to develop interest and to brush up their writing skills.

The driving forces for this workshop are:

  • Who narrates our stories, and do we have control over our narratives?

  • Is the narration true to our experiences and what we want the world to know about us or the queer movement?

  • Why is it only few narratives get focused while others are sidelined? 

Workshop Focus:

The workshop focus is to encourage more queer individuals to write and to have control over our narratives. We are also framing this workshop based on our collective experience in the literary field and based on our interactions with the mainstream media.


Duration and Location:

The writing workshop is a one day non-residential workshop and will be held in Chennai. There is no fee to attend this workshop. The date of the workshop will be announced once the applications are shortlisted.


Medium of instruction will be in Tamil. The writing by the participants can be in either Tamil or English. 

Available seats: 10

How to apply:

Interested individuals can mail us their applications at with the following information in either Tamil or English:

  • Short bio for 100 words​

  • Tell us in 250 words on why you want to apply for this program

  • Links or sample writings, if any (not mandatory)

We are not keen on the flow or the grammar of the bio or the proposal you write. This is for us to understand you and your application. 

  • Application closes on 15th Oct 2018

  • The workshop will be held in the month of November

Get Involved:

If you'd like to get involved as a partial sponsor or would like to contribute in another way to the workshop, please mail us at


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