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Vidupattavai (Tamil)

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Vidupattavai is a potpourri of snippets, articles, short stories and poems. Written during the last decade on various platforms, the writings are a reflection of the times, Queer lives, the platforms they were written, and apart from them it stands alone as a personal testimony and expression of a Queer individual during these turbulent times. The author's perspective questions what the privileged look over and introspects privileges of himself and the Queer community. The book is divided based on various aspects it talks about, like love, desire, cinema, activism, media – including social media – among others. More details...

Ally Sheet

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The Ally Sheet created by Trans*Ponder is present to you in Tamil by Queer Chennai Chronicles. The booklet is bilingual and is in both Tamil and English. This 16 pages Ally Sheet will help you start your journey as an ally to the queer individuals in your life. 

Queer Chennai Anthology - a queer chennai chronicles anthology

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Our second book is an anthology, in Tamil and English, that narrates lives of Queer people from or in Chennai. The Queer individuals are from different walks of life and have their own story of identification and survival that intersects with Chennai. The book is in the form of short stories, essays and comic strips. 

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