Our Ethos

Individual Privacy, Respect and Consent

As Queer individuals we understand and are often reminded of how unsafe the world is for us. We have seen a lot of instances where Queer individuals have been outed by media that publish/telecast our photos without consent. There are examples of television channels that pick our photos from our social media profiles and telecast them with their sensational - often queerphobic - news. And there are examples where individuals share our photos by mistake with no malicious intention, but that is no excuse for people to share our photos and videos without our consent. We are also aware that the videos and images on the internet are beyond our control from being shared without our knowledge and also realise that consent is fluid. Having that in mind we take utmost precaution and use our best judgement along with the individuals when required on these materials before we choose to share them publicly as part of our communication and newsletters. Please reach out to us for further information if required. The videos and pictures on https://www.queerchennaichronicles.com cannot be used without our prior consent.

Representation and Cultural Appropriation

We do not represent the entire Queer community that is associated with the city or with our identity in any way. We are a small part in the diverse Queer community and we consciously look out to not appropriate or represent anyone whom we are not. Having this in mind, Queer Chennai Chronicles initiative acts as a platform that let people tell their own stories. ~~~

Term Usage

We use the term Queer as an umbrella term for people who are not heterosexual and/or cisgender. When referring to individuals, identities and terms would be retained as per self-identification and political assertion. In Tamil we use paal’putumayinar (பால்புதுமையினர்) as blanket term to describe Queer. We have retained the term Queer (குயர்) and Chronicles (க்ரோனிக்கிள்ஸ்) in Tamil when we refer to Queer Chennai Chronicles. Likewise, based on the sentence flow and the scenario, we may use the term paal’putumayinar (பால்புதுமையினர்) and குயர் (Queer) interchangeably in our Tamil content.

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