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Queer in Chennai - a Queer Chennai Chronicles anthology

Anthology call for contributions


Our next book is planned as an anthology of creative works by the queer people of Chennai, about the city of chennai from the perspectives of queer people.

"We believe queer communities, like all other communities, evolve in a way that is intricately related with their landscape. Chennai, as an urban landscape– the cultural-economic capital of a land with long history of culture and caste – has an equally complex Queer community of its own. The chronicles of which hasn’t been recorded on conventional mediums significantly. We believe our anthology will add to that space "


What chennai means to you as a queer person? We invite  narratives of your experiences with the city as an individual, your personal experiences, how it embraced or alienated you, and your experiences with the Queer communities of Chennai. Queer Chennai Chronicles invites queer folks who live, have lived, and associate themselves with Chennai to send/pitch their works for our Bilingual Anthology collection. Your creative work can be personal narratives, fiction, essays, poems in either English or Tamil, comic stories or photography. For personal narratives, fiction and essays the word count should be between 3000 to 6000 words. Comic strips and photography series shall run upto 10 pages on a 6” * 9”* book.


We are interested in queer narratives associated with Chennai that are intersectional, marginal and transgressive with no supremacist and casteist undertones.

Submit your pitch, or a rough draft by : 30 March 2018

For comic and photography series, send us a synopsis, and a short note on your photography/comics style. You can link to your previous works if you prefer.

We prefer the documents to be in unicode and as text documents(not pdf), For comic and photography works, send the collection (or single image) as a single pdf file with appropriate caption.

  • The anthology will be published in both Tamil and English. Your written works may be in either Tamil or English. Selected few works might be translated into Tamil or English as required. 

  • We will acknowledge once we receive the work, and you will be notified once your work is shortlisted. 

  • We accept unpublished works, multiple and simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere during the review process, please notify us to withdraw your submission. 

  • Use the form to upload your works. Multiple uploads are accepted in the same form.

  • The file name must start with your Preferred Name. Example "VIOLET_mystory".

  • The information submitted in the form would be kept confidential. If your work has been shortlisted for publishing, we would discuss with you about the editing process, deadlines, and the details that can be used publicly for the book, promotion etc.

  • Our aim is to have as much diverse voice from within the queer community for the anthology. The details collected in the submission form would help us in having a diverse set of voices represented in the anthology. 


Pitch Submission (Closed)
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